Challenge Live Stages

The TAIKAI platform allows the organizer to create live stream events or publish videos on demand. The organizer can create a schedule with several stages and events on each stage in the live stream functionality that will create a page dedicated to the stream and accessible through the challenge page.


  1. Challenge identification;
  2. Stage title;
  3. Event.

Create stages#


In the video/stream page of the challenge, you find a "new stage" button where you can fill out the form with:

  1. Stage title;
  2. Stage description;
  3. Select the permissions of that stage:
  • Jury;
  • Participants;
  • Participants and Jury;
  • Regular User (every TAIKAI user can access your stream even if he/she is not participating in the challenge).

Crate events#


In the video/stream page of the challenge, below the list of existing stages, there will be the stages already created previously. Here you just need to click on the "new event" button and fill out the form with:

  1. Event title;
  2. Event description;
  3. Select the stage created previously;
  4. What date and time the event will take place and how long it will take;
  5. You can also add a thumbnail for the video player of the event.