Challenge Management


1. Overview#

Some statistics, shortcuts, and a list of essential tasks to do when creating the challenge. If it is a private challenge, the URL that should be shared to invite users to the event is also visible.

2. Content#

Editing of descriptive content of the challenge. In the resources tab, assets (files, images, etc.) can also be made available to participants.

  • Overview: definition and long description. The goal on this section is to detail what the challenge is about and what is the macro-result you want to achieve.
  • Rules: these rules are the Challenge Terms & Conditions. Some examples of conditions that should be present in these rules:
    • Who posts the challenge?;
    • Who may apply (18 or more, students, etc.)?;
    • Challenge timeline;
    • Deliverables;
    • Selection process;
    • Prizes;
    • Intellectual property;
    • Challenge cancellation conditions;
    • Other relevant conditions.

Here’s a good example you can get inspiration from:

  • Timeline: in this tab you should define all the steps of the challenge (e.g. application, participation, voting, results).

Here’s a good example you can get inspiration from:

  • Prizes: prizes to be assigned to the challenge winner(s).
  • FAQs: set of questions and answers that may be useful and accessible to the participants.
  • Resources: files that may be considered relevant to the participants such as guides and other tools.

3. Steps#

Configuration of the various steps of the challenge (e.g., ideation, development, pitches, results), manual or automatic change of steps, and configuration of dates and registration forms.

  • Step List
  • Registration

4. Innovators#

Participant management and send invites via email to participants.

5. Backers#

Backers management and send invites via email to backers.

6. Mentors#

Mentors management and send invites via email to mentors.

7. Projects#

Project management and check the voting results before announcing them.

  • Project List
  • Leaderboard

8. Updates#

Post messages on your challenges to be seen by all participants and voters.

9. Voting#

See the current voting cards and their details. Criteria group creation if the criteria-based voting scheme is used.

10. Video/Stream#

Stage management, live stream events, sharing the stream on different channels, and managing videos on demand.

11. Settings#

Edit the challenge information, customize the project's default template, manage categories, custom buttons, custom tabs, and advanced challenge settings.

  • General
  • Project Template
  • Categories
  • Custom Links
  • Custom Tabs
  • Advanced