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Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹
This is the website used to our community to understand how the TAIKAI platform works. TAIKAI is a hackthon/open innovation network that is built to provide a system to run challenge based competitions where organizers propose competitions to our community of innovators. The platform as a facilitator medium provides a set of tools that simplifies the registration, submisionm evaluation of projects to allow stakeholders to have a smooth experience across the competitions.

Community Stakeholders#

  • Challenge Promoters (Companies, Universities, Communities) โ€” They curate and promote challenges on the community and pay token or/and fiat prices to reward the best projects. By launching challenges on the community they get access to a talent pool of innovators and diverse solutions to solve their business or digital problems.

  • Innovators (Students, Freelancers, Startups) โ€” They create projects for challenges launched on the platform. They get tokens and prizes in return for creating good quality projects and social recognition for their innovative proposals.

  • Backer (Experts on Field) โ€” They evaluate and analyze the innovative solutions submitted by the innovators for challenge providers and rewards for curating and selecting the best projects are used as the incentive.

  • Mentor โ€” They play a significant role on the platform by mentoring projects during the project ideation and construction.

Main Features:#

  • Participation Management - Manage and moderate the innovator, mentor, jury challenge registration. Adaptable event timeline to fit on your custom virtual or offline event timeline.

  • Single interface to communicate with participants, mentor and juries. Broadcast event updates, notifications or messages to all the competition stakeholders.

  • Unified Content Management Interface - A unified web user interface to manage competition content, rules, prizes, event timeline with project submissions and evaluation/voting stages

  • Live Streaming - To replicate an offline experience, organizations are able to live stream content such as webinars, workshops and pitches.

  • Submission Evaluation - The blockchain-based voting mechanisms allow the competition evaluation to be fully transparent and auditable by any stakeholder.

  • Competition Submission - Enable participants with the opportunity to publish their submissions in rich formats, build up their hackathon portfolio and share it on social media.

  • Reward Participants - Reward the best participants with prizes and token incentives, based on the quality of their hackathon projects and the final competition results.

  • Gamification and Engagement Tools - Realtime Competition leaderboards, Innovator and Juries Rankings to increase the engagement across different competitions.

  • Private Challenges - Run internal competitions for your organization.

  • Customizable Competition Resources - Video Library, Assets or challenge page sections.